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Pavlova Recipe

Pavlova is an elegant dessert that many are hesitant to make at home. I promise that making pavlova is not as scary as many might think. There are few steps to follow to have an outstanding result!

Pavlova recipe made easy with easy to follow steps.

Like you, I never thought I’ll ever make pavlova. I heard about how delicate this dessert is, and how careful one must be when baking it. It can crack easily, and then all your efforts go down the drain.

Pavlova out of the oven and is at room temp.

First time making Pavlova?

One day I had to make a golden yellow cake, and I didn’t know what to do with the remaining egg white, I thought why not make pavlova? I made the pavlova knowing in my heart that it will fail no matter what.

Let me tell you this, my first attempt ever, was a big hit! Yes, I was surprised and couldn’t believe it, but just like other recipes, to make a successful dessert all you have to do is to follow few rules and that’s it.

classic pavlova served in a plate with fresh fruits.

A slice is taken from the classic pavlova.

How To Make Pavlova

To have a great looking pavlova follow these tips carefully:

  • Egg whites should be at room temperature.
  • Egg whites shouldn’t have any yolk.
  • The mixing bowl should be clean and dry.
  • Adding sugar starts after beating the egg whites to a soft peak.
  • Add sugar one tablespoon at a time.
  • After beating the meringue for a while take a little and rub between your fingers, if some grains of sugar are there beat some more.
  • Bake the pavlova in low heat.
  • Never open the oven door while baking the pavlova.
  • When baking is done, open the oven door ajar for up to two hours.
  • Last but not least, and this is not a tip nor a rule, if your pavlova cracks it’s not the end of the world it will still taste great, so take it easy!

I do not use whipping cream on my pavlova; I prefer adding either vanilla or orange pudding instead.

Pavlova recipe for a delightful treat.

Overhead shot of pavlova dessert.

Impress your family and make a pavlova!

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