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Pina Colada Recipe The Virgin Version

I have a virgin version of Pina Colada recipe for you, Kid friendly and alcohol-free 😊. Creamy, full of pineapple flavor mixed with a delicious tropical fruit, Coconut!

Pina colada served in a glass.


This version of Pina Colada (You can call it pineapple coconut smoothie too), is healthy and refreshing. Pineapple is a fruit I like to cook with just like Blueberries. Some fruits are more delicious cooked than when consumed fresh. But in this post, we won’t be cooking anything so let me show you how to make a delicious virgin Pina Colada.

How to Make Pina Colada

In most recipes, cream of coconut is used, but I like to make life simple and use what is available. Hence I have used coconut milk. Make sure that the coconut milk is from a good brand; you don’t want your virgin Pina Colada to get ruined.

I didn’t use Pineapple juice but preferred to use pineapple chunks, it has a strong flavor and after the blending will give the Pina Colada a good texture.

Close up image of pina colada

If the pineapple you’re using is ripe, you won’t need to add much sugar and will turn this drink into a low-calorie refreshing treat, you can use canned or even frozen pineapple if that what you have available at home.

You need to have a good blender which you’ll add the ice, pineapple, coconut milk, and sugar to it, and blend until smooth.

side image of pina colada recipe

Can I Use Coconut Water in Pina Colada Recipe?

Please don’t! Coconut water has a flavor but a weak one, it will be lost in the mix, and this drink won’t be a virgin Pina Colada anymore, but a pineapple juice. Coconut milk or cream of coconut is best for this Pina Colada recipe.

The recipe below makes one big glass of Pina Colada, Double to serve more.

Chilled pina colada served and ready to be tasted.

Let’s make some Virgin Pina Colada!

Pina Colada a virgin version, creamy and delicious drink and is am ix of pineapple chunks blended with coconut milk. #virgindrink #pineapple

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