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Pulka (Phulka) Indian Flat Soft Bread

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There is something interesting about this Indian flatbread Pulka and some call it Phulka. It is really soft in texture and takes less time to prepare, it is healthier for you, tastes great especially with gravies, and puffs up really nicely without adding yeast or baking powder.

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Don’t be discouraged Pulka requires little practice.

I have to be honest here, making Pulka was not a joke the first time I attempted to prepare some. I ended up having some burnt pulkas and other didn’t rise. If this is your first time to making roti or pulka, please be patient and don’t be discouraged.  You may need to practice for few times, but then you will master it and making it will be a joy, I promise.

chicken do pyaza

You also have to be extra careful because you are working with an open flame, and that’s why you will need tongs that can stand the heat of the flame. I use Stainless Steel Wire Rack with a handle to make my pulka. Place it on the open fire and place your pulka on it to continue cooking and it will puff just like when place on direct open flame.

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For good pulka, you need good atta so make sure that you pay your nearest Indian store a visit and buy some. To add more flavor to your bread, you can brush it with some Ghee.

Making Pulka Bread.

Follow the instructions below and I’m sure that you’ll make a soft and delicious pulka each and every time.




  1. These flatbread turned out simply perfect! Happy New Year, Muna.