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Pumpkin Crumb Cake Recipe

Pumpkin Crumb Cake recipe is a moist and perfectly spiced pumpkin cake, topped with buttery, flaky, and yummy crumbs! When I hear pumpkin, I can only think of desserts made with pumpkin pie spice! Cake, pies, Cookies, etc. I wanted to share this pumpkin crumb cake recipe at the end of this season to leave the best for last, but you know what? I guess you deserve the best all the time, so let’s get to know this beauty.

Pumpkin crumb cake on brown parchment paper.

How to make Pumpkin Crumb Cake?

The star is pumpkin puree; I used canned unsweetened and unseasoned pumpkin puree. Then you have to have a good pumpkin pie spice mix, eggs, baking soda, milk, both brown and white sugar, oh, and we are not going to use butter except in the crumbs, you need this cake to stay moist for a long time, and oil will allow that.

Making pumpkin crumb cake is easy and can be done in few minutes using ingredients available in the almost every kitchen. The unpleasant and challenging part in making this crumb cake is the waiting part. This crumb cake will take some time in the oven, and we can’t do anything about it!

Making the crumbs may take a minute or two, add all the crumb ingredients in a bowl and mix and then place over the pumpkin cake batter before baking.

Close up shot of pumpkin crumb cake loaf.

Why make pumpkin crumb cake?

Number one, it’s moist and delicious. You get to taste the blend of pumpkin pie spice in every bite, coming from the crumbs and the cake. Second, this cake looks gorgeous, so you don’t have to decorate it with anything. Since it’s a beautiful cake, it is an excellent gift for your family and friends. It stays moist for a few days if you are traveling to meet your family you can take it with you, make sure it’s in an airtight container.

Slices of pumpkin crumb cake loaf.

Easy Pumpkin crumb cake

Indeed, it is an easy recipe for a crumb cake, it takes few minutes to prepare, and you do not have to bring out the hand or stand mixer from your cabinet, you need a hand whisk for this!

How to ruin a Pumpkin Crumb Cake Recipe

Over beat the batter. Will result in a dense cake.

Overbake the cake. The cake will be dry.

Not preheating the oven. The cake will sink in the middle and will not bake evenly.

Opening the oven door often. Will not allow the cake to bake evenly, and the cake will take longer to bake.

Using sweetened pumpkin puree. The cake will be extra sweet and will get soggy.

I wish I can take all the credit for making this cake, but I have taken this recipe from Sally’s baking addiction. I turned her muffin recipe into a loaf cake with a minor change.

Moist pumpkin crumb cake sliced and ready to be eaten.

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Pumpkin Crumb Cake, a recipe for moist and delicious pumpkin crumb cake, easy to make and is a crowd pleaser. Perfect gift for this season.

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  1. Looks irresistible! I would love to join you for some tea 🙂

  2. Oh Muna, your pumpkin cake looks fabulous especially with the crumb on top…I would love a big slice of this cake with a cup of tea. Thanks for sharing the recipe…have a wonderful week!

  3. Hi Muna, I love this recipe!! I’ve made it three times and everyone loves it. I want to make this as muffins for teacher gifts, would I have to change anything?

    Thank you

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Carmen, I’m happy you’ve enjoyed this cake. to make it into muffins don’t change anything in the recipe except the baking time, muffins bake faster so keep an eye on it!