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Rasmalai Indian Dessert Recipe

Rasmalai is an Indian dessert made of cheese balls. Paneer is an Indian cheese that looks and tastes like cottage cheese except it is a little drier. Paneer is used in making dessert and savory dishes like Palak Paneer.

Rasmali served in a brown bowl.

What is Rasmalai?

Rasmalai is a Bengali dessert made of cheese balls smothered in silky and delicious milk sauce. The word “Ras” means juice and the word “malai” means cream. This dessert is served in festivals and special occasions, but in my house, it is made whenever craved for 😊

Closeup image of rasmalai dessert.

How to make Rasmalai?

To make Rasmalai you must prepare the cheese (paneer), a simple syrup, and milk sauce.

Making the milk sauce usually takes a long time, and that is by cooking the milk until it reduces, but in this recipe, we won’t spend that much time preparing it, instead I have used corn flour to thicken the sauce, and the result is an amazing milk sauce in just a few minutes.

Half of rasmalai ball in a spoon.

Making Rasmalai is like making Rasgullas

Well, the first step is to make Rasgullas which is another delicious Bengali dessert, but the difference is, when making Rasgullas you prepare a thick syrup and add the cheese balls to it, but when making Rasmalai you prepare the milk sauce instead.

How to prevent Rasmalai from breaking?

Making the cheese is easy, but the tricky part is when adding the cheese balls in the syrup to cook. To prevent the balls from breaking, the paneer (cheese) shouldn’t be too dry, if you feel that the cheese is to crumbly add a teaspoon of water and knead.

Kneading the cheese is important step, after kneading the cheese shouldn’t be sticky and should form a smooth dough.

When forming the balls, make sure there are no cracks in the balls. Add the balls to the syrup when the syrup is boiling and avoid flipping the cheese a lot while it’s cooking.

Few balls of rasmalai balls in a milk sauce.

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Rasmalai, Indian dessert made of spongy and soft cheese balls in a delicious silky milk sauce. #rasmalai #indiandessert

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Overhead shot of Rasmalai dessert.