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Salmon Patties Easy Recipe

Salmon Patties are great for breakfast or brunch, in this salmon patty recipe, I am using canned salmon. Fresh salmon can be used in this recipe if baked and then flaked. I will show you how to make a canned salmon tastes out of this world with few ingredients.

salmon patties served on a white plate. #salmon


Instead of whole egg we will use the yolk only, and instead of flour or bread crumbs, we are going to use potatoes to keep the salmon patties tender, the potatoes will also make forming the salmon patties easy and will prevent the salmon patty from breaking.

Close up shot of salmon patties served with green salad. #salmon #patties

How To Make Salmon Patties

Making salmon patties is as easy as adding all the ingredients in a bowl and mixing them. The only step that requires cooking before making the salmon patties is boiling the potato.

After removing the skin and the bones from the canned salmon, add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix using a form, and try to mash the boiled potato while doing so.

boiled potato for making salmon patties.

salmon patty ingredients in a bowl ready to be mixed.

Adding olive oil to salmon patty ingredients.

salmon patty ingredients mixed.

frying salmon patties in oil.

Fried salmon patties with golden color.

I have used few spices, and of course, you can use any combination of spices you like, but as always I think it is best to follow this salmon patty recipe without changing anything, and after tasting the patties you will have a better idea on what to add or omit.

Tender Salmon Patty

Salmon patties can be served with grits, green salad, or make a sandwich out of it and enjoy. The key here is to pick a good quality canned salmon. There are many out there, some canned salmon have a loud smell, and using that type can ruin your salmon patties recipe.

showing how tender the salmon patty is from inside.

When frying the salmon patties remember that the ingredients do not need to be cooked, except the egg yolk, and that won’t take long, so make your goal is to have golden looking salmon patty and not to overcook it. These patties taste great and overcooking them will surely ruin the flavor.

Let’s make brunch!

Side shot of salmon patties served on white plate.

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Salmon patties recipe. Tender, delicious, golden color salmon patties. Great breakfast served with grits or can be served with green salad. #salmon #patties