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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Without Cheese

Shepherd’s pie topping is often made with mashed potato mixed with cream and cheese. My version though has fewer calories than most of the recipes online. There is no cheese nor cream in my shepherd’s pie recipe, in fact, I also skipped the beef stock, but I promise you that the taste will still amaze you.

Shepherd’s Pie in a baking pan with serving spoon. #Shepherd’Pie


Making shepherd’s pie is easy, and it consists of two delicious parts, thick lamb or beef stew topped with creamy mashed potato. I didn’t use flour to thicken the lamb sauce but increased the amount of onion and added mushrooms which made the sauce thick and flavorful.

Shepherd’s Pie served in a white plate with green vegetables.

How To Make Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

I used olive oil and butter to fry the onion, the combination of these two fats make the onion, and the added vegetables taste awesome. The onion must be fried first until light brown, at this stage the onions texture is perfect to thicken the lamb sauce later.

Adding celery instead of garlic gave warmth to this shepherd’s pie recipe. The chopped carrots made the shepherd’s pie colorful and added a little sweetness which cut the bitterness that sometimes found in the tomato paste. Mushroom gave a meaty texture to the sauce, and therefore we don’t need to add flour.

close shot of Shepherd’s Pie ready to be eaten.

Preparing The Mashed Potato for the Shepherd’s Pie

Use any potatoes you like. Butter, milk, and the seasoning play the biggest role here. Do not boil the potato to a point where it turns into a soupy mashed potato. When you insert a knife in the potato, and it goes through with minor resistance. Drain the potato completely and add all the ingredients while the potatoes are still hot. Mashed the potatoes until it reaches a spreadable consistency.

butter and olive oil in a pan.

Onion being fried.

celery added to fried onion.

carrot added to caramelized onion.

mushroom getting fried.

Meat added to vegetables.

spices for shepherd's pie.

cooking shepherd's pie filling.

tomato paste added to recipe.

water added to sauce.

green peas in a cup

shepherd's pie filling.

boiled potato

butter and seasoning on boiled potato

mashing potatoes

milk in mashed potato

shepherd's pie filling cooling.

shepherd's topped with mashed potato

shepherd's pie out of the oven and ready to be served.


Instead of using beef or chicken stock, I skipped it to reduce the amount of sodium; I depended on the vegetables, the lamb, and the seasoning to bring out a lot of flavors. But, this shepherd’s pie recipe is forgiving, so you can add cream instead of milk in the mashed potato if you wish. If you’d like to add cheese, then add it to the mashed potato and not on top of it before baking.

shepherd's pie showing how creamy the topping is.

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Now let’s make some shepherd’s pie!

Easy to make shepherd's pie recipe.

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Shepherd's Pie Recipe. Creamy topping with thick and delicious filling. no flour used to thicken the sauce.