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Slutty Brownies Recipe From Scratch

Slutty Brownies are a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, a layer of Oreo cookies, and a layer of brownie batter. I have used the best brownie recipe here to make this dessert not just gorgeous but mouthwatering delight.

slutty brownies served on a small plate. #brownies


The brownie recipe is the hero here (and that’s my opinion), to get some good tasting slutty brownies you must keep the brownie part fudgy and chewy, and that’s exactly what you will get if you follow this recipe.

Slutty brownies cut in cubes. #chocolate

The chocolate chip cookie recipe is from my post Outstanding Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I fell in love with this chocolate chip cookie dough because the outcome is chewy, buttery, and perfectly baked cookies. So, I went ahead and used the same recipe to make slutty brownies.

pouring chocolate sauce on slutty brownies. #brownies

If you want to get a great result, you have to use good quality chocolate; cheap brands of unsweetened cocoa may result in bitter tasting or tasteless brownies. I have used unsalted butter, and I encourage you not to use salted butter for this recipe. Some brands add too much salt.

How To Make Slutty Brownies

To make chunky slutty brownies, you require a 10-inch baking pan. First, make the chocolate chip cookie dough. Spread it evenly in the baking pan, and then place the Oreo cookies on top. Cover and refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes. While the cookie dough is chilling, start making the brownie batter.

sugar and butter mixed to make cookie dough.

egg added to sugar and butter mixture.

flour and baking powder added.

chocolate chip added to cookie dough.

chocolate chip cookie dough spread.

Oreo cookies added on top of cookie dough.

sugar, chocolate chip and butter in pan to melt.

melting sugar, chocolate chip, and butter.

adding vanilla.

eggs added to melted chocolate.

dry ingredients added to melted chocolate.

walnuts added to brownie batter.

Brownies batter poured.

Slutty brownies is out of the oven.

The brownie recipe requires that all the brownie ingredients be mixed in the same pan, so after melting the butter, sugar, and chocolate chips, add the rest of the ingredients and whisk to combine. Make sure to add the ingredients after the chocolate and butter mixture is warm.

close up shot of slutty brownies with chocolate sauce.

Slutty Brownies Recipe From Scratch

vanilla ice cream on slutty brownies.

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eating from slutty brownies with a spoon.

Slutty Brownies. A delicious dessert made of a lyer from chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookies, and a fudgy chewy brownie batter. Surprise your guest with this amazing dessert. #brownies #chocolate


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