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Southern Potato Salad

Southern Potato Salad – I have tried different versions of potato salad but this one is very dear to my heart. It is rich, creamy, and tastes oh so good.

Southern Potato Salad in a small serving bowl.


This is another southern dish that was taught to me by my husband. He makes a great potato salad and each time he gets creative with the ingredients. This salad is great with BBQ and any baked meat.

Southern potato salad hardly takes time to prepare and usually, the ingredients are available in your kitchen. Do not use low-calorie mayo for this recipe please, you will kill the taste.

Close up image of the Southern Potato Salad.

This potato salad is great with crackers too. A great snack, perfect for picnics, and is a forgiving recipe. If you are not fond of any of the ingredient listed, you can always omit and replace. I have seen few who use different types of relish in this potato salad recipe.

I didn’t use celery here but of course, you can add it, make sure it is finely chopped, that will give a good texture to this southern potato salad.

Side image of Southern Potato Salad with a fork on the side.

To save time when boiling the potato, I have peeled the potato and cut it into cubes. I have then boiled it until It was easy to cut with a knife but not too soft, drained it and left it to cool. Many might not agree on boiling the potato after peeling it because the flavor reduces but this is what I did since I had to make it in short time. The best way is to boil the potato with its skin.

I wonder how this potato salad would taste if the potatoes were baked!! Maybe I should try that next time.

Let me say this loud, DO NOT USE THE POTATO WHILE HOT! Let it cool completely first.

Southern Potato Salad served. Tasty, classic, and delicious salad.

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Southern Potato Salad. Delicious, classic, and creamy potato salad. Make the BBQ more fun by having this salad on the side. Although simple, but have great southern flavors and is a great snack too. letscookingmam.com | @Arinacooking


  1. Looks filling and very tasty! Happy Spring, Muna.