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Tiramisu Recipe Kid Friendly

Tiramisu is a popular no-bake Italian dessert. A Layer of ladyfingers dipped in espresso topped with a layer of velvety mascarpone cream and finally dusted with cocoa powder. This Tiramisu recipe is kid-friendly, there is no alcohol and the eggs are cooked on double boiler until safe to consume. I promise that you will enjoy this delight!

Tiramisu served on a small plate.

What is Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an Italian word, and it means “Pick me up” or “Cheer me up.” but it is also a dessert consisting of ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and cream. On the internet, you will come across many recipes for tiramisu, but the main ingredients stay the same in every recipe.

The recipe I’m sharing today is for Chef Dennis from the blog “Ask Chef Dennis”! Recipes from Chef Dennis’s blog do not need any modifications. The recipes are always on point. Therefore, I didn’t make changes in this tiramisu recipe except I have omitted the alcohol and did not add it to the espresso because my family and I do not consume it, I have used half the ingredients in the original recipe, to make a smaller portion.

Side image of tiramisu dessert with layers of cream.

Ingredients for making Tiramisu

You will be surprised how few ingredients can create a sophisticated and mind-blowing delicacy!

Ladyfingers or in Italian savoiardi, are dry and egg-based biscuits.

Mascarpone cheese is an Italian cream cheese; it is different in taste than your regular cream cheese.


Egg yolks.

Whipping cream. Do not mistake it with cooking cream. Cooking cream does not whip.


Unsweetened cocoa powder.

Showing tiramisu pan with dusted cocoa powder.

How to make tiramisu

Make sure that you have all the ingredients ready before you start making this tiramisu recipe. It is best to keep the whipping cream in the fridge until you are ready to whip it but bring out the mascarpone cheese a few minutes earlier before mixing it with the egg yolks to make the mixing faster.

Prepare the espresso and keep it aside. You will not dip the ladyfingers in the espresso while it is hot, that will make the ladyfingers mushy, and the tiramisu will not firm properly.

Make sure you have enough ladyfingers to cover the bottom of the pan you are using and enough to cover the cream layer.

In a bowl add the egg yolks and sugar, beat for three minutes and then place it over a double boiler to cook the eggs for few minutes on low heat. Keep the mixture aside to cool.

Add the mascarpone cheese and vanilla to the egg mixture and beat until smooth.

Whip the cream until stiff peak. Start beating at low speed and increase gradually every few minutes.

Fold the egg yolk and mascarpone mixture into the whipped cream.

Dip the ladyfingers in the espresso and place it at the bottom of the pan. Top the ladyfinger layer with a layer of mascarpone cream, repeat this step one more time.

Refrigerate the tiramisu for up to six hours and dust with cocoa powder before serving.

Side image of tiramisu dessert with a fork.

How to store tiramisu

Always refrigerate tiramisu and keep it covered. Tiramisu will get soggy if left in the fridge for more than two days. I don’t know anyone who can keep tiramisu for two days. Usually, it is gone the same day or the next!

Close up image of tiramisu showing mascarpone cream.

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Tiramisu Recipe. An Italian dessert made of layers of ladyfingers dipped in espresso, and creamy mascarpone cream and then dusted with cocoa powder. This recipe is kid friendly, it has no alcohol, and the eggs are cooked on a double boiler. #tiramisu #dessert #dessertrecipe #cream #nobake #nobakedessert #kidfriendly

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