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Tunisian Lamb Stew Mermez Instant Pot Recipe

We will make Tunisian Lamb Stew in an instant pot to save you time. Usually, this dish takes a long time to cook on stove top until the lamb is tender and the stew is a little thick. If you are not fond of lamb, you can make this stew using chicken, and I will show you how!

Tunisian lamb stew side shot.


Tunisian Lamb Stew Recipe

On my blog, and besides American recipes, I like to share recipes for delicious dishes from around the world. Today’s recipe is for a lamb stew, something that is popular around the world but tastes different depending on spices used.

If you are new to my blog, then please head to the bottom of this post and have a look at the different stew recipes I have shared on my blog from different countries, and I would like to mention here my two favorites, Jamaican Brown Stew and Moroccan Chicken Olive Stew.

Tunisian lamb stew served in a bowl.

Tunisian lamb stew is a light stew recipe; the flavor comes from the lamb meat, spices, and onions. Although I have used red chili powder, you can omit that and introduce it to your kids.

This lamb stew is best served with Pita Bread or Plain rice.

Tunisian lamb stew served over plain rice.

Making The Lamb Stew

Since we are using lamb meat in this recipe, it will take time to cook and get tender, and here where science comes, yes, I’m talking about the instant pot, our friend and time saver!

Instead of spending 2 to 3 hours cooking this stew, checking on it every few minutes, and adding water whenever it reduces to avoid burning the stew, we are going to use the instant pot and make a lamb stew in 50 minutes. Well almost 50 minutes, because we have to let the instant pot release its pressure and then add the chickpeas and the bell pepper, and let it cook for few short minutes.

Tunisian lamb recipe, a hearty delicious stew.

over head shot of Tunisian lamb stew.

In the recipe note, I am teaching you how to cook this stew using cooked or canned chickpeas which is easier and faster way to make the stew. I also teach you how to make the lamb stew using overnight soaked chickpeas. In the notes, you’ll learn how to make this recipe using which will take fewer minutes!

So, let’s go ahead and make a delicious, hearty stew!

Jamaican Brown Stew Chicken

jamaican brown stew chicken 3

Old Fashioned Beef Stew

old fashioned beef stew 3

Moroccan Chicken Olive Stew

Moroccan Chicken Olive Stew 2

Arabian Lamb Stew

arabian lamb stew 2

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Tunisian Lamb Stew. Tender lamb meat in light and delicious stew. This hearty stew is best served with plain rice. #stew #dinner



  1. I’ve never had lamb stew. This looks so wonderful!

    • Arinacooking

      Thanks, Jeff. The Tunisian dishes taste a little Moroccans, and the use mostly lamb instead of beef!

  2. I know nothing about tunisian cuisine, but this looks delicious

  3. Such an interesting combination of flavors, it sounds yummy

  4. This looks so good! I am going to make it for my crew.

  5. I have never tried lamb stew before–only beef. What is the difference in taste?

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Amanda, the lamb taste sweeter and more tender than beef, also takes less time to cook!

  6. Curious on the stove top/oven cook times/instructions as I am in Kuwait and we have NO instant pots and I can hardly find even a China special electric pressure cooker.

    • Arinacooking

      Hi Amy, In case you want to cook this dish on the stove top, it will take the meat around 2 hours to 2 hours and a half to cook.