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Uzbek Plov Chicken Pilaf

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Have you been to Uzbekistan? It is a beautiful country with gorgeous people. The landscapes take one’s breath away, it’s heavenly. I can’t take you there but I have brought you something special from that beautiful land and it’s called Uzbek Plov.

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I chose this recipe for today since it is one of my favorite Uzbek dishes and I thought that you can relate to its taste. Uzbek Plov is like Chicken Pilaf in taste but is tastier.

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Making Uzbek Plov is Easy

You can make this dish with chicken or red meat. Today we will use chicken to save time I might upload the recipe again but with meat soon.

uzbek plov 3

The stock mixed with the spices and the chicken gives Uzbek Plov a unique flavor, and if you read the recipe you’ll notice that I’ve added a whole garlic head to the plov, believe me, unlike what you might think the garlic taste nor smell took over the dish.

uzbek plov 4

The cooked garlic tasted somewhat like rich creamy zucchini plus another pleasant flavor. You have to try it to believe me and I hope you give this dish a try because it is really delicious and different from any other chicken and rice you had before.


Let’s travel to Uzbekistan, through my kitchen!

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