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Vada Pav Recipe an Indian Snack

Vada Pav Recipe consists of pav which is a bread roll, the vada and it is what we are going to make today, it’s potato balls mixed with earthy spices, dipped in gram flour batter and fried until golden in color, and the vada pav can have different types of chutney spread in the bread roll. It is India’s most popular snack!

vada pav served on brown parchment paper.


In my previous post, I have shown you how to make the Pav. You won’t be spending much time making the vada it is easy to put together.

You have to boil the potatoes, and then prepare the tarka which is basically, frying the mustard seed with green chili and other ingredients and then mix it with the potato after adding few spices to it.

Making the batter takes 3 minutes, well, few seconds to add the ingredients in the mixing bowl but you will have to beat the batter for three minutes using a fork or a spoon.

Over head shot of vada pav with tea on the side.

I have used sunflower oil to deep fry the vada, but you can use any cooking oil you wish.


Vada pav usually served with chutney, like the green chutney and tamarind chutney. I am not going to use any chutney in my vada pav because that’s how I like mine and honestly, I can’t tolerate more heat coming from the chutney.

I might make another post about different types of chutney which you can serve on the side!

Image showing how vada pav looks from the inside.

I hope that you give this Indian snack a try, it’s a great street food and you can find it anywhere in India and definitely in every street of Mumbai.

To enjoy the whole experience you should have vada pav with a strong Indian tea, a delicious and freshly made Karak chai.

It’s winter, so why not make some today? It will keep you warm and full, and if you have been to India before, this will most certainly bring back some memories!

Close shot of a single vada pav.
Vada Pav, an Indian snack. made of bread roll which is filled with potato balls that were dipped in seasoned gram flour batter and deep fried.

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