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Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé – Low Calorie

Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé 1
A post I read days back inspired me to create this Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé recipe. I was lucky to stumble upon an interesting blog called Cupcakes and Crab Legs. Susan, (the owner of the blog) wrote about her experience in Prairie Fire restaurant, she wrote about how good and fluffy their Lemon Pancakes were, and to make it more enticing she attached pictures.
yogurt blueberry pancake 4
Those pancakes looked so good, and although I couldn’t taste them, being the stubborn foodie I am, I had to make them and keep them light too.

After experimenting and failing few times Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé saw the light. These pancakes were everything I hoped for, light, fluffy, delicious, and I just love its soufflé like texture.

 Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé
I have used lemon zest in theses Yogurt Blueberry Pancake Soufflé, other times, made them plain, and sometimes went exotic and added saffron and cardamom. They tasted great each time.

yogurt blueberry pancake 2
You can make these pancakes a day ahead and keep them in the fridge, I found the best way to re-heat them is on the stove. Their fluffiness and aroma were restored immediately, and they tasted like freshly made.


  1. They look so soft and beautiful!

  2. They look super fluffy! And so so good! I will have to try these someday 🙂

  3. Oh yum!! I giving this recipe to my husband. On Sunday mornings we splurge and have something wonderful for breakfast other than our usual yogurt, fresh fruit and granola. I can’t wait to try these. Pinning!!

  4. Fun and delicious video! Weekends have been so busy that we haven’t had proper pancakes for a while. Now I’m craving these delicious pancakes!